Humble Beginnings

Starting in 2013, Philippe decided to experiment with various ingredients in hopes of producing a formula that catered best to his clients' nuanced hair needs. The main concern was this: with so many different hair products on the market that in turn target countless individual hair types, women found it difficult to find one that restored hair vitality long-term. Through the feedback of his wonderful clients, and after several incarnations of natural ingredient blends, Philippe finally created LRM. The Luminous Repair Masque truly lives up to its name. It is a hair multi-purpose hair conditioner that restores dry, color-treated and damaged hair and brings back vitality, fullness and shine. Most hair products tend to lose their effects on hair because of the hair's natural acclimatization. But LRM users find that not only does their hair feel drastically healthier after just one use, but it also maintains this look and feel for months after.  

The Delayed Deployment Factor (DDF)

After applying LRM to your hair, a temporary film made up of Amodimethicone polymers locks in nourishing agents. A key element to the LRM formula, the DDF ensures that after you rinse out your hair, LRM keeps on working until the film has evaporated (after about 24 hours), leaving no build-up at all.

The Luminous Repair Masque, also known as LRM, is client-inspired and clinically designed by Philippe Schaedler and his team of world-renowned chemists. LRM was created to rebuild the health and texture of your hair in the most natural way possible. With special ingredients from Japan, including a special ingredient called Anorthosite (a mineral found on the surface of the moon), LRM will drastically change the look, feel and health of your hair after only ONE application.